5 Things You Need for Prefect Bathroom

GUYS, This bathroom was PREFECT. Let me explain why!

1.) Soft Towels

It doesn’t matter how the rest of your bathroom looks because of you have soft towels it’s a game changer! You’ll feel wonderful about life the second you step out of the shower. I generally get mine from Amazon, because they’re affordable and sooo soft! You can get a set of them for as little as $20 (who said luxury had to be expensive)!

2. Indoor Plant

I think plants are magical. Not only have they been proven to increase your mood, and are good for your health, but they also are incredible decor pieces. Plants just make me so happy. If you don’t have a bathroom plant or can’t because they’re no natural light then I’d recommend getting a fake plant to add some greenery to your life. Fake plants can be expensive, but they’ll last a life time and you can’t kill it (LMAO). Here’s one under $90 — Artificial 5ft Indoor Plant If you’re looking for a live plant – congrats on being a plant parent very soon! I love this little guy in the photo below. It’s a rubber tree plant! Pretty crazy right? Who new rubber came from something so pretty! They have a true green color and can grow to over 100 ft! Best part you can get these little guys for as low as $17 such a steal!! Here’s the adorable little rubber tree I found

3. Clean & Simple Sink Area

As a person who wears makeup I am often a victim of myself as I generally put way too much crap around the sink. Although if you can keep it clean and organized, you‘re a step closer to having sanity and a prefect bathroom. I thinking adding a pop of color to your soap dispensers like having pink ones or choosing clear glass soap dispenses are always a winning combo.

4. Natural Light

I know it’s not a possibility for everyone, but if you can have natural lighting in your bathroom. If you can’t make sure you get soft white lights for your bathroom. It makes a big difference! It’ll help with not only applying your makeup, but lightening up the room and creating softer shadows. Mirrors can also help your bathroom look bigger, by adding a large mirror it’ll help the light bounce around and make the room better lit.

5. Beautiful Shower

I had never had a dark brown/tan stoney shower this before and honestly I fell IN LOVE. I definitely want one like this for my own house. If that’s not your vibe though that’s totally fine! Just get one you love! Beyond that make sure it has incredible water pressure because that really makes or breaks the shower. Cause it if doesn’t water but looks good what’s the point?

Thank you so much for reading! Comment below and let me know if I missed any of your must-haves for a prefect bathroom!